Bread in Common

Stoke-on-Trent's real bread bakery

Interview with: Woman 1 – Nimble Fingers knitting group

Chris Twigg

Date: 27/05/14

Location: Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Interviewer: Steve Cooling

Permission given to use interview for website, exhibition and Staffordshire archive: YES

Question asked “What do you remember about bread or bread baking”.

I grew up in Wales and we would have Bara Brith at a funeral with tea and butter.  We had the same thing 20 years ago when my farther died.

Both my mother and my grand mother made their own bread.  My mother would make bara brith every week, my other grand mother would make it on special ocassions .

We use to have chunks of bread and oatcakes (not like the ones you get round here, more like the scottish ones) you'd poor beef dripping over it and that would be breakfast.  My mother is 86 and still makes the oatcakes now.

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