Bread in Common

Stoke-on-Trent's real bread bakery

Interview with: Ray Burke

Chris Twigg

Date: 15/05/14

Location: Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Interviewer: Hilary Hughes

Permission given to use interview for website, exhibition and Staffordshire archive: YES

Question asked “What do you remember about bread or bread baking”.

I only remember the bakeries that were down in the town, and the local bakeries, in Silverdale, there was one. You used to get the bread, lovely bread in the 1950's. You used to go to the bakery and get it yourself. Me Dad was working at the time on one of the bakeries down below here, (High Street) he used to bring the bread home. It was really nice bread in them days. He was in the building trade, probably working on the ovens. You couldn't beat the bread, the taste of it. I still make bread now with the breadmaker, it's still nice to have your own bread. I always liked it, a nice bit of bread. Well, I like wholemeal or brown bread I do, I'm not much for white, we used to get white sliced years ago, but when it came out it was gluey. So you stuck to the bread that you could slice yourself, you know cut slices off it, it's different altogether. We used to go to some pubs and they'd give you that nice thick, toasted with butter on it, it was really nice bread compared with the sliced. I never really liked sliced bread, I don't even have it, unless you are stuck sometime. You stick to your own bread. I like a bit of cheese on it, different things, we have that pate on toast, that's nice. But you can't beat a bit of bread.

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