Bread in Common

Stoke-on-Trent's real bread bakery

Interview with: Lizzie - N-u-L Market

Chris Twigg

Date: 15/05/14

Location: Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Interviewer: Hilary Hughes

Permission given to use interview for website, exhibition and Staffordshire archive: YES

Question asked “What do you remember about bread or bread baking”.

Apparently our flat in Wolstanton combined with two neighbours buildings used to  be a bakery. It's Chetwynd St. There's a big house on the corner, a hairdressers and the flat behind, opposite St Margarets' Church. It was the hairdresser who told  me. Apparently her shop was the oven, there's a big chimney on top. It also used to be an artist studio, it's been a funeral home when they had no space. The things you find out when you're having your haircut.