Bread in Common

Stoke-on-Trent's real bread bakery

Interview with: Betty Howlett

Chris Twigg


Location: Stoke

Interviewer: Steve Cooling

Permission given to use interview for website, exhibition and Staffordshire archive: YES

Question asked “What do you remember about bread or bread baking”.

There were 2 bake shops on London Road, Beardmores and Marsh's.  Marsh's still bake their own bread.  I do love fresh crusty bread, it's the companion of your life.  As you get older you don't need as much bread, my husband did though.

All my 3 grandchildren make bread. They'll say 'ooh, I'll just go and make a loaf'.  I made one once, took a photograph of it, you could of built a house with it I think.  It was only recently.  They have parties and my grandson will make all sorts of bread and shapes.  I'll think 'a bloke did these', it's amazing. I can only do bricks.

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