Bread in Common

Stoke-on-Trent's real bread bakery

Interview with: Gene Charnock

Chris Twigg

Date: 15/04/14

Location: Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Interviewer: Steven Cooling

Permission given to use interview for website, exhibition and Staffordshire archive: YES

Question asked “What do you remember about bread or bread baking”.

We use to go to the little corner shop to get bread and none of it was wrapped, there was a crust on top and I'd eat it on the way home, I was hungry!  It was beautiful I loved the crust.

We lived in a council house and you had four shops, one on each corner.  Embreys, Clewlows, Edges and Wickes and when you think they were against each other, well we didn't hear nay complaints.  People didn't have any money, they'd have it (bread and other groceries) on 'tic' and pay it at the weekend.  They'd go to one shop one week and another the next.  Your parents would say 'don't go Embrey's, go Clewlows' or whoever they owed money to.

Bread was very dark during the war. It looked dirty to me, but that was the bread we had then!

Was it good for us?.....well I'm still here.  I think the additives in bread are just the opposite now.

If you had any bread left over it would go in the 'pig bin', to feed the pig, you'd put all your peelings in as well.

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